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About the Project

The Chronicles of Alabama is a fast-paced iOS card game app created as a tribute to Alabama’s “200” Bicentennial Anniversary event. The game conveys key chronological events in Alabama history and teaches 4th grade students about important businesses and industries in the state. It was designed to be a supplemental educational tool to increase meaningful interaction in the classroom while also helping to encourage the development of critical thinking skills. 

UI Designer | Programmer

Rick Mosley (Card Game Designer)
Howard Whiston (Mentor)
Priscilla Sodeke (Concept Artist)
Michael Irvine (Lead Programmer)
James Lawley (Creative Director)
Richard McIlwain (Unity Researcher)

Tools Used
Photoshop | Unity | Visual Studio 

Development Environment

Operating System
iOS-based mobile app

Programming Languages

Source Control
Unity Collaboration

Software Development Approach


App Sketch  +  Projected Features

A rough idea of what we planned for the UI of the game and a list of notable requirements we intended to follow.


  • Minimal learning effort for the 4th grade level
  • Unplayable cards in a turn will not show in the player’s hand


  • Create “baby sized” cards with large font used for invalid hand and saved cards
  • When a card is tapped, the card is enlarged for readability
  • Ample contrast for readability


  • Minimal look
  • Fun animations
  • “History” feel


How to Play

A set of instructions were written out for the 4th graders to be reviewed with their teacher.

These instructions are also accessible through the main menu of the app in case they need to be re-visited.

Tap the button to view!


Play the Game!

If you're interested in playing the game, click here or on the image to jump The Chronicles of Alabama!

(You might need to give your browser time to prepare the deck of cards.)

Additional notes
* App functionality via Unity WebGL is currently only supported on Desktop browsers.
Please be aware that Mobile functionality displayed through the webpage will not be reliable.

Works best on Firefox and Edge.
BEWARE—Using Chrome for this will eat up lots of computer resources!


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